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Eighteen years ago I began a journey into the healing arts that has changed and shaped my life. It was in 2005 that I discovered the world of Medicinal Aromatherapy and my world opened up in surprising and wonderful ways. Since then it has been my personal mission to bring plant and tree medicine to those who desire healing and transformation in their own lives.  I believe a re-connection and remembrance of this ancient healing art is vital to the future of our planet.  Let me guide you along your's gonna be AMAZING!


I am pleased to offer you our menu of services. Please call or email to schedule or with questions. (970)331-3750 or


Massage, Aromatherapy and/or Intuitive Healing/Reiki Sessions

As we are all individuals, each session is fine tuned to the clients needs. Sessions are often a combination of several different techniques and modalities including massage therapy, intuitive healing and Reiki. Prior to the beginning of each session, the modalities used will be determined. Some clients desire a purely energetic and intuitive healing session whereas others find that receiving a combination of massage and energy healing is perfect for them. Every session includes the use of Wisdom of the Earth Medicinal Grade Essential Essences.   These undiluted, unblended, pure essential essences are chosen intuitively and according to information received prior to the massage in a client interview.  The therapeutic and knowledgeable use of plant and tree medicine during these sessions allows for increased circulation, metabolism and oxygen uptake as well as other benefits too numerous to count!  Massage and energy sessions are  fine tuned according to each individuals specific needs  to raise the vibrational frequency.  Pure medicinal grade essences combined with massage and energy work  can facilitate powerful shifts for healing emotionally, physically and spiritually. 


 60 Minute Session      $85

90 minute Session        $120



Have questions about how to work with pure essential essences in a dynamic and safe way?  Maybe you have specific physical or emotional concerns you are interested in addressing more naturally? In an aromatherapy consultation Lindsey will make suggestions for which essences may be the most beneficial, educate the client on how to work with them safely, and create a protocol.  Essential oils are transformative in nature and allow for healing to unfold in countless ways.  With clear set intentions and guidance these powerful attractors assist the client physically, spiritually and emotionally acting as a bridge to higher frequencies of being.  

30 Minute Consult     $50

60 Minute Consult    $85



Intuitive Healing via Zoom/Skype/Facetime/Phone

Intuitive Healing sessions are typically one hour long. Lindsey tunes into and connects with Spirit Guides, Angels and other beings of light as well as the energy of her client to facilitate healing. Sessions may include energetic cord cutting, soul retrieval, Chakra balancing and contract clearing, but is determined by what “comes up” for healing during the session. Lindsey guides the client through a healing and clearing and may make suggestions of essential essences to work with to support the healing process.

6o Minutes/ $85

Contact Lindsey Fernandez at (970)331-3750 or

P.O. Box 1859, Gypsum, CO 81637