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Eighteen years ago I began a journey into the healing arts that has changed and shaped my life. It was in 2005 that I discovered the world of Medicinal Aromatherapy and my world opened up in surprising and wonderful ways. Since then it has been my personal mission to bring plant and tree medicine to those who desire healing and transformation in their own lives.  I believe a re-connection and remembrance of this ancient healing art is vital to the future of our planet.  Let me guide you along your's gonna be AMAZING!

5ml Samples for Essence Education and Meditation Series 6 pack


5ml Samples for Essence Education and Meditation Series 6 pack


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5ml sample bottles of Wisdom of the Earth essential essences of:


-Rosemary Hi-Camphor

-Cedarwood Himalayan


-Fir Douglas

-Chamomile Roman

*Wisdom of the Earth carries only the purest essential essences available, sourced from farmers and distillers who love and care for Mother Earth! Follow the link for more info on these beautiful gifts from the plants and trees.

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